[Video] Who Created the Infamous Octagon?

The infamous 8-sided octagon has become synonymous with mixed martial arts, especially the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). 

This video recently released by the UFC discusses the different personalities behind the creation of the Octagon. 

Starting from the ground up, the video highlights the original ideas behind the Ultimate Fighting arena, from barbed wires to, believe it or not, electric fences. Although sounding incredibly far fetched, it ultimately led to the creation of the now widely recognised Octagon that we currently see across mixed martial arts leagues and championships around the world.

Have a watch of the video and see who you think was really behind it's creation; we hear a lot of stories, all of which claiming to be the brain behind the 8-sided ring. 

How important it is being the man behind the ring, I'm not really sure. It is however interesting to hear about the early days of the UFC, long before it became the powerhouse of martial arts that it is today.

James Davis

A fervent mixed martial artist and avid MMA fan, James combines his experience and scientific knowledge to provide you with a unique perspective on the most popular MMA products on the market. He joins the ranks of other MMA enthusiasts in creating this website to guide and educate the next generation of mixed martial artists.

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