What is the MMA Spartan System?

The MMA Spartan System is a mobile application that has been developed to change just about every aspect of your life relating to diet, exercise, and fitness.​

Of course, it comes with an MMA slant to it that ensures you are focusing on your warrior side. The basic design of the exercises are to be kind of minimalist in their approach while you get the maximum benefit.

So a lot of the workouts are made to be efficient and in line with the user’s ability. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the MMA Spartan System app.

A Martial Arts Focus

One of the first things that you will notice when you boot up the application (if the name of the app didn’t give it away) is that the exercises are designed to get you in shape for martial arts. That means you are going to see a lot of exercises that are designed to improve muscle groups and get you to do specific movements.

Also, the exercises and workouts as a whole do spend time getting you to carefully warm up and stretch before exercising so that you do not harm yourself. These basic tenets of the MMA Spartan System give you a very broad overview of the goals of the program. It wants you to get fit, and it provides many ways of ensuring that you reach your goals.

Basically, this program is going to guide you through workouts that use a lot of different exercises to get you into shape while offering nutritional support. Let’s take a look at how they managed to do it.

Combinations in Workouts

The exercises in the MMA Spartan System begin by determining your overall intensity level that suits you. It is important to be very honest with yourself so you do not push too hard and get injured. Nothing cuts into training time like exhaustion and injury. You can develop a beginner, intermediate, advances, and high intensity training regimen on the app.

The workouts use a combination of 300 different exercises across the platform which align with the goals that you set when you download the app. You will work out many parts of your body including all of the following:

  • Abdominals
  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Shoulders
  • Forearms
  • Calf
  • Back
  • …and more.

Basically, this is designed to replace your gym routine so you can do a lot of these workouts in from your own home with the right equipment, or with fewer machines at the very least.

This is awesome, as not everyone wants to throw down some cash on the best heavy bag or have the ability to attach a speed bag platform at home.

One nice addition to this app is that it shows you how to do the exercise.

what is the mma spartan work out

Not only does this make it better for the muscles being worked, but it also helps you not look dumb and decreases the chances of you getting hurt. 

Over 40 workouts are presently on the app, and you can use them to improve your overall fitness level as much as you would like.

Making Fitness Plans

Once you have assessed your overall workout needs, the app will guide you through the creating a weekly workout plan.

This is pretty cool because it lets you set up an entire week’s worth of workouts based on your fitness level and overall goals. You can mix high intensity interval training for endurance and then have strength building days intermingled in there.

You get to really customize your workout so that you get the most of out of it. Again, it is important to be honest about your fitness level so the workout is challenging but not going to wreck your body.

Going day by day, you can set it up to work arms and shoulders on the first day, then abs the second day, have an endurance test on the third, rest on the fourth, and so on.

The aim of the app in designing your workouts is to scorch your fat reserves and add some muscle on your body. A leaner, stronger will be more capable at performing martial arts.

Food Is Fuel

Everyone’s body is different, so you are going to have to set some nutrition goals if you hope to lose weight. Moreover, you are going to be focused on gaining muscle, so you really have to make sure you are getting the right macros in these. The MMA Spartan System helps you plan your nutrition goals on a weekly basis.

The app will develop a grocery list for you beforehand, telling you everything that you need to pick up at the store. That makes the diet part foolproof as long as you have the willpower to pull it off. They even have a vegetarian option for people that have to get their protein somewhere other than the bottom of a can of tuna.

Logging Your Workouts

It is always a good idea to keep track of the workouts that you have done to track your overall progress level. That same concept is prevalent here as well, where you will keep track of how long you worked out, the difficulty level, and the part of your body that was worked.

All of these are important things to look at to judge your progress and overall fitness level. Using this very demanding app, you should be able to see some good progress in your logs if you are willing to put in the effort. You earn badges for competing workouts in a series, which is always a good reminder of how much work you have put in.

Our Final Thoughts

So, what do we think of the MMA Spartan System? Overall, it is a pretty good tool for getting you into shape while keeping the minimalist mindset. You will be focused on eating well, tracking your progress, setting goals, and staying healthy. Each of these is a noteworthy goal, and the app helps you along the way.

It is good to see that the app is willing to show you how to do the exercises to master them and prevent injury. Also, the combination of a nutrition tracker, workout planner, and exercise tracker is rather unique. All in all, this is a good app that can be used together with martial arts training to improve your health.

James Davis

A fervent mixed martial artist and avid MMA fan, James combines his experience and scientific knowledge to provide you with a unique perspective on the most popular MMA products on the market. He joins the ranks of other MMA enthusiasts in creating this website to guide and educate the next generation of mixed martial artists.

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