Thrill & Agony: The Perfect Sum Up For UFC 226?

UFC 226 proved to be one hell of a card. 

Even with the somewhat lacklustre performance from Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis, this was one of the UFC's best events of the year. 

To honour the awesomeness that was UFC 226, UFC have recently released a video that perfectly captures one of the most interesting fights I can remember seeing in a while - Danciel "DC" Cormier vs Stipe Miocic.

Check it out to see the reaction from both fighters and some other recognisable faces such as Joe Rogan and Dana White. 

What's next for both fighters?

If you stuck around for the post fight interview, you'll be well aware of the WWE style baffoonery that Brock Lesnar pulled, pushing DC whilst at the same time SH&$^$ on the rest of the heavyweight roster. 

So with the Cormier VS Lesnar fight in the works, Miocic is left to grind it out hopefully for another title shot in the future. Although, if his interview with Aerial Helwani is anything to go by, he wants that re-match far sooner than Lesnar gets his somewhat underserved shot at the title.

Plus, the guy is clearly roided to his eyeballs, so Lesnar's got the who USADA thing to deal with first.

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