Ringside Elite Free Standing Bag Review

Whether you’re looking to work on your striking techniques or looking to change up your workout routine, the Ringside Elite is a fantastic piece of equipment to have at home.

Throughout our Ringside Elite free standing bag review, we’re going to be taking a look at both its’ benefits and drawbacks, whether it’s worth the money and how you can train at home using your new bag. 

What we Like:

  • Spring loaded design means that the bag will swing back and forth rather than topple over like most other bags do
  • The bag comes alongside shock absorbing foam that can be placed around the base
  • One of the most durable free standing heavy bags on the market

What we Don’t Like:

  • Fairly expensive
  • Hard to tell how full the base is (I’ve got a nifty trick to solve this issue though)
  • I’ve heard that some models have a squeak noise when struck, I’ve never had that happen to me though.

Free Standing Punching Bags VS Traditional Heavy Bags

When deciding between different heavy bags, you’ll notice that there are two options available – hanging bags & freestanding punching bags.

 Both have their pros and cons that we’ll discuss below:
  • Free Standing Bags Take Up Less Space – When you strike a traditional heavy bag it will swing from side to side. Whereas a freestanding bag will maintain in its’ upright position, meaning that it takes up far less room.
  • Hanging Bags Can With Stand More Power –Due to their design, freestanding bags can sometimes topple over when struck with enough power. Hanging bags however can absorb full force of a strike and wing side from one side to another.
  • Free Standing Heavy Bags Are Easier To Set Up – Setting up a free standing bag simply involves filling the base and attaching it to the bags body.  When you’re setting up a hanging bag, you’ll either need to attach to it a beam, or buy a heavy bag pole to hand it from.

Who is the Ring Side Elite Freestanding Punching Bag Meant For?

To be honest, the Ringside Elite free standing punching bag isn’t exclusive to just martial artists.

Heavy bag workouts provide an awesome cardio work out and are a fantastic way to change up your exercise routine.

Anyone who is looking to drill heavy bag workouts at home will love the high quality experience that the Ringside Elite has to offer offer.

Ringside Elite Freestanding Bag Review

Ringside Elite Free-standing Bag Design & Quality

The Ring Side Elite free standing heavy bag is easily one of the highest quality bags I’ve ever come across. The bag itself is manufactured using high quality synthetic leather and features a layer of shock absorbing foam wrapped around its’ body.

This foam makes striking the back pretty comfortable and painless, however I would still recommend using some light gloves if you’re looking to work on your explosive power.

With a spring loaded design, the bag can swing from side to side way more than other free standing bags on the market. This means that you can throw your full power behind your kicks and you’ll still struggle to knock it over.

The base of the Ringside Elite free standing heavy bag is also extremely wide and solid, which helps to prevent the bag from toppling over.

Alongside the free standing bag, you’ll get an extra layer of shock absorbing foam. This can be put around the base to protect your foot if you accidentally misjudge your kick and hit the base instead.

Not only is the Ringside Elite free-standing bag great for martial artists looking to train at home, it also provides a brilliant cardio workout for fitness enthusiast.

My wife actually uses mine sometimes even though she has absolutely no interest in martial arts, just because it’s a great way to change up her work out routine.

Size & Weight

The Ringside Elite Free Standing Heavy measures around 6'4 tall, which to be fair, is on the large size of things when compared to other models on the market.

One concern I have with tall free standing heavy bags is that their going to have a high centre of gravity and therefor topple over easier. Fortunately, the base of the bag can be filled roughly 270 pounds of sand or water.

When you’ve got the bag attached to the base, it does become pretty damn difficult to move around due to the fact that it’s so heavy. If you need to move it, I recommend putting it on its’ side and rolling it wherever you want it to go.


Unfortunately, free standing heavy bags don’t come cheap and that’s especially true for the Ring Side Elite model.

Having said that, it’s by far one of the highest quality and innovative models you can currently buy. I’ve spent similar amounts on free-standing bags in the past and been incredibly disappointed.

Current Price:

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Setting Up Your Ringside Elite free standing heavy bag

Although a lot easier to set up than regular heavy bags, free standing bags do take a bit of time and patience to get ready.

You’ve got a couple of options when it comes to filling the base of your new bag – water or sand. Some people use rocks, however I think using water or sand is way more effective with the space and don’t recommend rocks at all.

I would suggest putting the bag where you plan on keeping it before you fill up the base as it gets pretty heavy once filled and becomes difficult to move.

Water is of course easier as it pretty much involves putting a hose into the base and waiting for it to fill up. One thing worth mentioning it hat it can sometimes be difficult to see where abouts the water has filled up to.

What I do is use a bamboo shoot (you can get from any garden centre), put it into the base and see where the water comes up to.

If you opt to use sand, simply use a funnel to filter the sand into the base of the bag. If you don’t have a funnel handy, you can make one by cutting a milk carton in half.

Once the base is filled up, make sure the body of the bag is attached correctly and you’re ready to start working out!

Ringside Elite Free Standing Heavy Bag Video Review & Comaprison

Check out the video below by Legacy Martial Arts to see the Ringside Elite bag in action and compared with some of the other top bags on the market.

Other Alternative -  Century BOB

The Ringside Elite Free Standing Heavy Bag didn’t take your fancy? No worries!

I recommend checking out the Century BOB, which is a lifelike free standing punching bag that is a pretty common site in gyms across the country.

Due to its’ realistic design, you can practice striking certain areas of the body. This is awesome as with most other heavy bags, you just have to imagine where on the body you’re hitting.

You can check out our full Century BOB review for more information.

Ringside Elite Free Standing Bag Review: The Verdict

So we’ve made it to the end of our Ringside Elite Free Standing Bag review.

Whether you’re a passionate martial artist, or looking to change up your work out, the Ringside Elite is by far one of the best heavy bags on the market.

Its’ spring loaded design paired with its high quality build make it one of the best free standing bags currently available.

Exercise You Can Do with A Freestanding Punching Bag

Ok, so now we’ve finished our Ringside Elite free standing bag review, lets take a look at some heavy bag drills.

10 Minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Work Out

Muay Thai Heavy Bag Combinations

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