RDX MMA Gloves Review & Comparison

RDX is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality MMA and Boxing gloves. The company is known for its assortment of excellent quality MMA gloves and notorious for a couple of duds too.

Like all glove manufacturers, RDX has its own research and development department which designs gloves based on their research.

While according to the company their R&D is always ongoing, some of their newer gloves are not as good as their older ones. Though that can be stated about any company in this industry.

In our RDX MMA gloves review, we will take an unbiased look at their latest line of MMA gloves. We will also examine if they really offer quality rivaling more expensive and established brands.

RDX MMA Gloves Comparison

Best Value
RDX F12 MMA Gloves
RDX MMA Gloves Grappling Sparring, Maya Hide Leather, Boxing Gloves Men Women Muay Thai Martial Arts Training, Half Finger Adjustable Mitts Wrist Support Kickboxing Cage Fighting Punching Bag Workout
Price not available
3,179 Reviews
Best Value
RDX F12 MMA Gloves
RDX MMA Gloves Grappling Sparring, Maya Hide Leather, Boxing Gloves Men Women Muay Thai Martial Arts Training, Half Finger Adjustable Mitts Wrist Support Kickboxing Cage Fighting Punching Bag Workout
Price not available
3,179 Reviews

Who Are RDX?

RDX is a British manufacturer of MMA and boxing gloves which started out back in 1999. The company was started to combat the rise of Japanese, Mexican and American brands of combat sports gear. The gear was expensive making it difficult for the average Brit to afford.

Today, RDX is a well established British Combat Sports and Fitness brand. It dominates the European markets as well as their gear being sold in America and Asia.

RDX estimates their customer base to be around 200 million across the world. They also arguably have the fastest growing e-commerce sports brand.

Since they also manufacture their own products, unlike other companies that outsource the job to cheaper manufacturing business.

Are RDX MMA Gloves Good?

RDX is undoubtedly one of the more established names in the combat sports industry. The brand’s products are a common sight in gyms across the world. Their products are also used by many top-tier athletes who strongly endorse the brand.

What’s The Price Range?

RDX MMA gloves compared to its competitors are cheaper. Prices range from $30 to $50 mainly dependent on design and quality.

Despite being cheap, these are some of the best gloves in MMA. Though the question is, do they rival brands that cost 3x to 4x more? In most cases they do, and that’s what we’ll be examining below.

RDX MMA Gloves Reviews

Right then, lets get started with our RDX MMA gloves review, where we're going to take a look at some of their most popular models.

RDX T6R MMA Gloves Review


The RDX T6R MMA gloves are classified as mainly grappling gloves. They are engineered to provide the maximum levels of protection, comfort, good wrist support, without hindering your ability to move.

Quality & Materials

The T6R greatly benefits from its use of high-quality materials such as Maya Hide leather. The leather itself offers durability and comfort, whilst the padded Gel Efficax Lining providing protection to your hand and wrist.

The gloves make use of what’s called Shell Shock, a gel created by RDX consisting of equilibrium sheets that helps to reduce if not eliminate shock incurred by impact This is aided by the triple-layered shock resistance padding, which further helps with to protect your hand from impact.

Its open palm design offers flexibility in both your hands and fingers that in turn allows you to maintain a solid grip on your opponent/ training partner. The gloves also feature a thumb enclosure for added protection, which works pretty nicely alongside it's palm design.



  • Highly protective and supportive
  • Maya Hide leather is great for durability and comfort.
  • Open Palm Design ensures excellent ventilation and grip.
  • Absorbs shocks thanks to the use of Shell Shock™ gel sheets


  • Not suited for heavy bag work

RDX F2 MMA Gloves Review


The RDX F2 are durable and snug fitting MMA gloves ideally suited for grappling and are primarily designed to provide your hands with support, without hindering your finger mobility.

If you're a regular down the gym, these gloves are sure to with stand the hours spent sparring with your training partners.

Quality & Materials

The use of cowhide leather combined with shock resistant padding ensures that the gloves will protect your hands through dozens of gruelling sparring sessions. What's more, the RDX F2's feature reinforced stitching along all of the seems, which allows them to withstand high intensity sparring sessions, with out falling apart.

The unique palm grip with adequately placed ventilation holes for the thumb and fingers ensure that a grapplers hands remain dry. This in turn should allow you to maintain a firmer grip on your training partner, without your hands slipping.

The attention to detail across the gloves are impeccable and goes to show just how high quality these MMA gloves really are even if mass produced.

The Gel QD-2 Lining offers an incredible amount of hand protection during fights and sparring sessions.

Finally, the gloves are available in black, which does not allows you much of a choice in design. I do however wish they had a few more options, as black is not that special looking in my opinion. 

Then again, it's the gloves performance that's important, not how they look.



  • The use of durable cowhide leather ensures that these gloves will last a very long time.
  • Shell Shock gel sheets offer excellent shock resistance.
  • Provides a fantastic amount of protection for such lightweight gloves
  • Ventilation allows for your hands to remain dry, preventing your grip from slipping


  • Limited color variations

RDX F12 MMA Gloves Review


The RDX F12 MMA 6oz gloves are primarily designed for grapplers. This is thanks to their open palm design and high-quality hand protection that helps to shield against jabs, hammer fists, and hooks, whilst you look for a take down or clinch.

Quality & Materials

The RDX F12 MMA gloves are manufactured using highly resilient Maya Hide synthetic leather which has been tried and tested for durability and is a common material used in a tonne of MMA gloves. The Tri-Slap PC3 padding helps to deliver protection against shock whilst you block oncoming strikes.

The sweat eliminating strip inside prevents a build up of moisture in your hands, which in turn allows you to get a solid grip of your opponent or training partner.

One of the best aspects of these gloves are their contoured design. This helps to provide excellent hand alignment in order to prevent injury as well as allowing your hand maximum manoeuvrability.

RDX has lined the inside of their with a moisture absorbing microfabric, which is both protective and stops the build up of sweat. This prevents the gloves from stinking after a few training sessions.


RDX MMA Gloves Grappling Sparring, Maya Hide Leather, Boxing Gloves Men Women Muay Thai Martial Arts Training, Half Finger Adjustable Mitts Wrist Support Kickboxing Cage Fighting Punching Bag Workout
3,179 Reviews
RDX MMA Gloves Grappling Sparring, Maya Hide Leather, Boxing Gloves Men Women Muay Thai Martial Arts Training, Half Finger Adjustable Mitts Wrist Support Kickboxing Cage Fighting Punching Bag Workout
  • EFFECTIVE FIST SUPPORT With the tri-slabbed PC3 padding, the MMA grappling gloves provide the optimally effective impact dispersion to the hands and...
  • PRE-CURVED PADDING Reducing the effort and strain of your hands, the RDX MMA sparring gloves come with a segmented pre-curved design. As the effort of...


  • Made from durable Maya Hide synthetic leather.
  • Improves punching technique thanks to its special contoured design.
  • Quick-EZ ensures a comfortable and snug fit.


  • At 6oz they weigh more than the stipulated 4oz by most fight organizations. This means that you'll need to buy a separate pair for competing.

RDX T8 Revenge MMA Gloves Review

No products found.


The RDX T8 Revenge is one of the most daunting looking pair of MMA gloves on the market. With its bold blood spatter design, they certainly look the part. 

Quality & Materials

Made from 100% cowhide leather, they are further reinforced with high-quality, reinforced stitching, creating one of the most durable pair of MMA gloves on the market.

The Polymax Tri-Slab PC3 padding across the curves helps to deliver highly efficient protection with each blow, without hindering your hands ability to open and close.

Thick inner-lining using a patented material helps to keep the hands sweat-free while exposing it to adequate ventilation. All of this also eliminates bacteria, related odor and allows you to get a better grip of your opponent.

As with a lot of the RDX MMA gloves in our review, the T8 Revenge feature an open palm design, which further adds to the ventilation of the gloves.  On the inside, the patented EVA-LUTION and a slab of Shell-Shock foam protects fighters from damage.

A hook and loop closure system also features on the gloves, ensuring a tight fit with minimal movement. This tight fitting design also provides extra support for your wrists when you deliver a strike to your opponent or training partner.


No products found.


  • Made from full grain cowhide leather.
  • Excellent wrist support.
  • Tri-slab PC3 padding ensures wrist protection.
  • Bacteria and odor elimination strip.
  • Able to fit both men and women


  • Fairly harsh looking design that may not be to everyones taste

Possible Alternative – Venum

Now if for some reason the above mentioned RDX MMA gloves are not your thing then the next best alternative is Venum.

You can read our comprehensive Venum MMA gloves review here for any further information.

Venum gloves are a lot more expensive, but you also get much better quality for the price. ]

The premium range of leather Venum MMA gloves are worn by professional athletes and offer a superior hand and wrist protection.

Founded not very long ago, back in 2006 the brand manufactures apparel and gear for combat sports, fitness and martial arts.

Venum has sponsored some top MMA athletes over the years like Carlos Condit, Miesha Tate, Lyoto Machida, and Jose Aldo amongst others.

Venum continues to innovate and offer an array of new MMA gloves. However, like other brands, some of their MMA gloves are better than others.

RDX MMA Gloves Review: The Verdict

RDX MMA Gloves are without a doubt some of the best in the business. What’s more is the fact that RDX gloves are available at highly affordable prices.

Most MMA fighters on a budget can only afford maybe one or two pairs, and so they rely on it to last for long. That’s one more area where RDX has the competition beat but without compromising comfort.

RDX MMA Gloves are available in a number of different styles and designs, that can be used for sparring, grappling and regular competition.

Always read reviews before deciding on which RDX MMA gloves to buy. This will ensure that you end up with the best possible gloves based on your fighting style.

Thanks for taking the time to read our RDX MMA gloves review, if you've got any questions, drop them i the comment section below.

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