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Outslayer are an American based manufacturer of top end fight gear and accessories. All of their products are designed with longevity in mind and come with a whopping 10-year warranty, a clear display of belief in their products.

They offer a wide range of products such as heavy bags, gloves, pads and even grappling dummies. Although diverse in their product line, these items have one thing in common – quality.

Why Choose Outslayer Heavy Bags?

  • 10 year warranty – Not many other brands offer such long warranties, especially considering their products are designed to be used and abused day in, day out.
  • Top notch customer support- Outslayer are known for their customer support. Being based in LA, you wont have any language barrier when discussing your issues with their team (if you ever have any that is).
  • Reputable brand – When shopping for different pieces of fight equipment, you’ll often come across these cheap, unknown brands selling knock offs. Not with Outslayer though, they’ve become highly praised in the boxing/ muay thai/ martial arts industry for supplying some of the highest quality equipment around.
  • All products are made in the US – In order to ensure the quality of their products, all Outslayer items are made in the US. It’s fairly common place, even amongst big names such as Venom, that such items are made on the cheap in Asia and therefore often lack in quality.
  • Top Quality – I feel like I’ve said this a million times already, but you’ll struggle to find better quality any where else. The material used to construct their bags is so efficient, that Outslayer keep it to themselves.

Outslayer Heavy Bag Reviews

Ok, now we’ve got a big of knowledge on the brand behind the bags, lets commence our review of the Outslayer heavy bags.

We’re going to be taking a look at two of their bags today, their Muay Thai bag and their boxing/ MMA bag.

Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Review


  • Bag length: 6ft (72 inches)
  • Straps length: 12 inches
  • Bag Weight: 130lb
  • Filled or unfilled: Filled
  • Filling material: Fabric
  • Warranty: 10-years


As the name suggests, the Outslayer Muay Thai Bag is designed for Muay Thai practitioners who are looking for a durable heavy bag that allows for both high and low kicks to be thrown.

The Outslayer Muay Thai bag is a pretty common sight in gyms across the world as they’re known to be able to with stand repeated use for long periods of time. This also makes them a great candidate for anyone looking to add a heavy bag to their home gym.

What’s more, the Muay Thai bag is available in 5 different color variations, allowing you to choose one to your taste and match your current set up at home.

We also featured this bag in our list of the best heavy bags, which is worth a read if you’re wanting to take a look at a few different options.

Benefits & Features

Designed with Muay Thai Fighter in Mind

Being able to practice throwing a variety of different strikes at different height levels if often an important aspect for Muay Thai practitioners looking to buy a heavy bag. Fortunately, Outslayer have taken this into consideration and have produced a 6ft (72 inch) heavy bag, which allows for both high and low kicks to be thrown.

Most heavy bags you come across don’t tend to be that long, meaning that it can often be hard to practice throwing low/leg kicks.

Durable Materials & Build

In terms of overall build quality, Outslayer have spared no expense, using top of line American Vinyl material to construct the outer layer. This material is incredibly durable and unlike many other heavy bags, won’t start to crack when after a few months of use.  

Weighing in at 130lb, the bag is able to provide a decent amount of weight resistance, which in turn prevents the bag from wildly swinging from side to side when it’s been struck. What’re more, you’re able to further fill the back up to 300lb and thanks to the durable vinyl material, the Outslayer bag can easily take the weight.

Usually, the first area of a heavy bag that starts to show signs of wear and tear is the straps. Outslayer have clearly noticed this trend and have implemented 4-layer maximum strength straps, which are used to mount the bag to the heavy bag stand.

One of the Outslayer bags at my gym is getting fairly old now, however the straps, despite being a bit dirty, look good as new with no signs of wear.

All of this attention to detail in the quality department means that your Outslayer punching bag should last for a seriously long amount of time, which in turn makes it one of the best value for money bags on the market.

Filler Material Doesn’t Cause Gaps

One of my biggest complaints about heavy bags is how gaps start to form after a few months or even weeks of use. This is usually when a bag is filled with low quality material such as sand, however Outslayer have made use of all fabric filling in the bag.

This fabric material is tightly packed into the bag, preventing any gaps from forming. This also provides a nice surface to strike, which isn’t too hard, nor is it ridiculously soft – it feels exactly how a heavy bag should feel.


Long Size Means You Have to Get a Tall Stand

Due to the fact that this beast is 6ft tall, which in fact, is actually larger than myself, you need a fairly large stand to attach the bag to. Fortunately, Outslayer do sell a high quality heavy bag stand for the bag, however this is pretty pricey and will definitely rack up your costs.

Similarly, if you’re looking to mount the bag to your ceiling, you’ll need a room where the ceiling is roughly 7ft off the ground, which unless you live in the shire (awesome Lord of the Rings reference), should be find.


In terms of price, the Outslayer Muay Thai bag is fairly expensive, however when you take into account the brands reputation, the quality and the 10-year warranty, it’s actually a brilliant deal.

Muay Thai Heavy Bag (130 pounds) Filled
546 Reviews
Muay Thai Heavy Bag (130 pounds) Filled
  • Made in the USA|Ships FILLED 130 pounds|Does not require chains|Filled ONLY with fabric
  • Note: The item does not come with a D-ring

Outslayer Boxing & MMA Heavy Bag Review


  • Bag length: 55 inches
  • Straps length: 6 inches
  • Bag Weight: 100lb
  • Filled or unfilled: Filled
  • Filling material: Fabric
  • Warranty: 10-years


This is the more traditional of the two Outslayer heavy bags that we’re taking a look at today. Built to the same standard we’ve come to expect from Outslayer, this is pretty much the same as the Muay Thai bag we just discussed, just a bit shorter.

Benefits & Features

Comes Pre-Filled with Fabric Material

Saving you time, effort and money, the Outslayer heavy bag comes pre-filled and even comes wrapped in a heavy duty vinyl for extra protection when shipping.

A few years ago I ordered a heavy bag, can’t remember which brand now, but when it turned up there was a massive rip down the side. With that in mind it’s nice to see Outslayer taking that extra effort to deliver their products in the best quality possible. That being said, even if there was an issue, the 10-year warranty would cover it anyway.

As I mentioned earlier, a tell tale sign of a poor quality heavy bag is the materials used for the filling. Fortunately, 100% fabric is used to fill the heavy bag, which is nice and compact, preventing any hollow gaps from forming.

Durable Construction

As always with Outslayer products, their heavy bag is manufactured in the US, using nothing but the best materials.

Someone once told me that their Outslayer bag was built so such a high standard, that it was likely the bag would live longer than they did. I hadn’t actually gotten my hands on an Outslayer bag at the time, however now I completely understand where they’re coming form, and they’re probably right.

Anyway, 4 straps are located at the top of the bag, with two large chrome D-rings that are used to mount the bag to a stand or to a ceiling mount. These straps are then reinforced with stitching for extra durability, which means no chains are needed when setting up the bag.

The outer layer of the heavy bag is made using American Vinyl Material, while it’s not exactly clear what vinyl this is, all I know is that this stuff works. No cracks, no tears and no rips, what more could you ask for?

Perfect for Home or in a Gym

While this isn’t the smallest heavy bag in the world, it’s significantly smaller than the Muay Thai heavy bag we previously discussed. If you’re looking for a high quality, but modest in size heavy bag for your home gym, then this is definitely it.

Can Add a Bottom D-Ring

If you want to turn this into a double end bag, you can request that an additional D-ring comes attached to the bottom of the bag. This will make the bag far more studier and swing far less than if it was attached solely via the top 2 D-rings.

I haven’t personally tried this, however I have been told that this can add a couple of weeks’ delivery time to your order.


I absolutely love this bag and have done some digging around to try and find some drawbacks to make you aware of. Despite browsing forums and reading customer reviews, the only thing I could find is that it can sometimes take a while to be delivered.

If you had to create the perfect heavy bag, this would probably be it.


The only thing more awesome about Outslayer products than their quality, is their price. I would happily pay double the asking price for this bag, but fortunately, we don’t have to!

Outslayer Filled Punching Bag Boxing Training Practice MMA Heavy Bag 100 Pound Made in USA (Black/Red)
990 Reviews
Outslayer Filled Punching Bag Boxing Training Practice MMA Heavy Bag 100 Pound Made in USA (Black/Red)
  • Outslayer Punching Bag for Boxing and MMA
  • This 100 pound professional heavy bag is made in USA and comes with 10 year warranty

How to Set up an Outslayer Heavy Bag

There’s a couple of ways that you can go about setting up the Outslayer heavy bags:

  • Using a ceiling mount
  • Using a heavy bag stand

Using a ceiling mount is usually the preferred option, however you need a structurally sound place to hang it, and be able to cause damage to ceiling itself. With this criteria in mind, most people opt to use a heavy bag stand.

There’s a variety of different stands out there, and we’ve actually compiled a list of the best heavy bag stands for you to browse.

That being said, Outslayer offer their own heavy bag stand, which as you could probably guess, is the best in the business.

Most heavy bag stands feature a design that is less than desirable for anyone looking to throw kicks on their heavy bag.

Usually, the heavy bag hangs dangerously close to the support beams, meaning it’s a bit too easy to land a kick on the metal pole, rather than the bag itself.

With the Outslayer heavy bag stand, the bag hangs a solid distance from the metal beam, and features a wide tripod-style base.

The stand comes alongside 4, unfilled sand bags which can then be placed over the base for further support.

The height of the stand is adjustable, so can be used with either the Muay Thai bag or the traditional heavy bag and also comes with a cracking 15-year warranty.

How to Use a Heavy Bag?

Here’s a a video of some mistakes to avoid making when using a heavy bag.


Do I Need to Wear Gloves When Using a Heavy Bag?

Yes, it is highly recommended you wear gloves. Despite the filling of the bag being made up of fabric material, repeated use without gloves can eventually cause damage to your hand.

Which Should I Get: The Muay Thai Bag or Traditional Heavy Bag?

This really comes down to what you plan on using the bag for. If you’re planning on throwing kicks, I would recommend the Muay Thai bag. If you’re looking to solely throw punches, the traditional bag will be perfect.

What is the Minimum Ceiling Height Required for the Muay Thai Bag?

I would say at least 7ft.

Do I Need any Additional Fabric to Fill the Bag?

Both of these bags come filled, meaning that you wont need to purchase any more filling. The Muay Thai bag however, can be filled to 300lb, but this is definitely not necessary.

Outslayer Punching Bag Review: The Verdict

So, do we recommend the Outslayer punching Bags?

A big, fat, resounding YES.

You won’t find better heavy bags any where else, especially at this price point. They’re affordable, come with an incredibly long warranty and are built to last.

What more could you want?

Thanks for taking the time to read out Outslayer heavy bag review, if you’ve got any questions or concerns, leave a comment in the section below.


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