Legends WIll Rise: UFC 226 Promo Gets Us Hyped For July 7th Event

UFC 226 Promo Is Sure To Get You Hyped For The Double Title Fight Event

The UFC media department sure knows how to get us pumped for an event. 

Taking place on July 7th, UFC 226 features 2 title fights of EPIC proportions. 

Firstly, we've got Max "Blessed" Holloway, facing off against one of the most prolific grapplers in the world, Brian Ortega. Ortega's last fight against Frankie Edgar showed us the fierceness of is striking game, being the first man ever to finish off Edgar, all within the first round. 

Secondly we've got the super fight that is Champion VS Champrion - Stipe Miocic VS Daniel "DC" Cormier, which is set to be one of the fights of the year. 

Miocic currently holds the record for the longest running title defences in Heavyweight history and will look to continue his streak against current Light Heavy Weight Champion, Daniel Cormier.

Cormier, who is coming towards the end of his career, looks to join Conor McGregor as the only men to hold two UFC belts in different weight classes at the same time. What Cormier plans to do if he wins, is still unsure. 

Will he remain in the heavy weight division, or will he look to defend both simultaneously, something McGregor was not able to do.

All I know is, July 7th is set to be one hell of a card.

James Davis

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