How We Review

Let me start with a story...

Not too long ago (probably about a year or so), a couple of friends wanted to try their hand at MMA, having recently watched a UFC they were feeling pretty pumped. They asked me about the type of gear they should get, what brands were best etc..

So I helped them out, told them about the usual - Hayabusa, Venum and a few others and told them that you could probably find it all out online.

I then did a little Google myself and was pretty shocked at the lack of decent (accurate) information out there. That's when I set off to start a blog of my own, providing accurate information on different martial arts related gear and topics.

Ok, so how do we actually go about reviewing all this gear and equipment?

Step 1. Find a Piece of Gear/ Equipment to Discuss

The first step is finding a piece of gear that we would like to look into. 

We can find our next topic with two different methods:

Method 1: We often receive questions asking about what gear is best, which brands we recommend and whether or not a certain product is worth the money. 

Method: 2: Me or one of our team is constantly active in a number of different martial arts forums out there and keep an eye out for repeating questions that are being asked. If we see the same question posted a few times, we'll write up and article on that topic and ensure that it's the single most in-depth article on that particular subject online. 

Step 2. Try Out/ Research the Equipment

In an ideal world I would try out every single piece of equipment currently available. However, due to the sheer number of brands and different models out there, it would be a near impossible task.

Fortunately, the chances are I've either tried or heard of the brand, if not I will conduct the following research:

  • Read user experiences in different forums, other websites, and read customer reviews.
  • Take note of all the negative opinions, paying special attention to negatives that I come across multiple times.
  • Watch as many videos as possible of different people trying out the gear and hearing their thoughts
  • Whilst doing all of this research, I will be taking notes of everything I find that will allow me to create the most valuable source of information on the topic.
  • I'll try and contact people that I know have tried out the piece of gear or equipment and hear their thoughts on it

Step 3. Time to Write!

Once I've got all the information necessary and I'm positive it's as accurate as possible, I'll begin to write the article.

I'll then post it and hopefully share it with all my awesome readers!

Step 4. Update the Article as Time Goes On

There's always new products coming out all over the place, that's why it's important to keep the articles published on MMA Ground as up to date as possible. I've got an immense number of Google Alerts set up that helps me keep an eye on what's happening.

How Can You Help?

We want to hear from you! If you've got any experience with a product we're discussing, please drop a comment or get in touch with us via our contact page with your opinion. 

We'll even give you a cheeky credit and a shout out to show our gratitude.

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