How to Clean a Mouth Guard

Anybody who has gotten a swift kick to the jaw recognises the benefit of a mouth guard. These familiar plastic crescents save your teeth from getting knocked loose and keep you from biting your tongue in the midst of a bout.

Yet, there is a part of mouth guard ownership we have to talk about- cleaning them. Yes, you can’t just spit the mouth guard into your hand and stuff it into your gi bag, you have to keep it clean. Without further ado, we’re going to teach you something about hygiene.

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

Alright, so the problem that we face when we have dirty mouth guards is that they can build up dirt, food debris, spit, and even blood. You do not want to stick that back in your mouth because it is already a breeding ground for bacteria. You do not want a gum infection or any other horrible things that you can have happen as a result of poor hygiene

You can take basic steps to make cleaning less arduous by taking a minute to actually rinse off your mouth guard before you put it away for the day. Depending on what is available you could try some soap, but either way you should make sure to dry it off before you put it away. This is a basic preventative measure, though. You will want to fully clean the mouth guard before repeatedly using it.

Cleaning Your Mouth Guard: Let’s See Some Options

Cleaning Option 1: Treat It Like Your Teeth

The first way that you can thoroughly clean your mouth guard is if you treat it like you are cleaning your own teeth. This means you have to break out the tooth paste and a tooth brush. Make sure to use plain toothpaste with no fancy micro beads or anything that will actually scratch up the mouth guards or make it degrade.

From there, it is a pretty straightforward operation of scrubbing it like you would be scrubbing your own teeth. Use a different tooth brush and make sure to dry the mouth guard off after a thorough rinsing with water and you should be golden. This is pretty much the optimal means of cleaning your mouth guard, but it is not the only way.

how to clean a mouthguard

Cleaning Option 2: Use Some Dentures Cleaners

Hey, a million older folks can be wrong when it comes to keeping something that is worn in your mouth for part of the day clean, right? Trying out some dentures cleaner could be a great way for you to get a clean and freshened mouth guard as well. You get the tablets and place them into the mouth guard holder of your choice, and then set in your mouth guard.

There are companies that have specific mouth guard cleaners in tablet form. Granted these are more likely for people who wear them to sleep rather than fighters, but the concept is the same.

Leave your mouth guard in for a few hours and take it with you when you are ready to go. It will be cleansed and germ free. Remember to change the mouth guard solution and to never reuse it.

Cleaning Option 3: Try Specific Cleaners

There are a lot of MMA companies that focus on nothing but developing the top notch gear for people to use. If you think that nobody has ever thought of making a mouth guard cleaner, then you are wrong. Several companies have developed their own formulas that you use to spray onto your mouth guard to prevent it from becoming too gross.

You can find mouth guard cleaners that kill germs and prevent germ growth while also infusing the mouth guard with a flavor that is somewhat better than your stale, stinking breath. You will probably want to use this in conjunction with a quick rinse and use it as a last resort for moderate cleaning.

Our Final Thoughts

While it might be a little bit of a departure from our usual discussions, it is serious to keep your fighting gear in the utmost condition possible. That is especially true when it comes to having something that is in contact inside your mouth.  

Even if you've got one of the best mouth guards for MMA, you'll still need to create a routine around keeping it clean without damaging the guard itself. You want your mouth guard strong and clean so that you are not risking any infections or focusing on a gross taste during a match or training. 

Make sure that you keep the mouth guard in a case that is anti-microbial and follow the guidelines we have established here for keeping your mouth guard clean.

We know that many of you have already been rinsing your gross mouth guard after matches, but take it a step further and start really washing it. You will not regret having a clean mouth, ever.

Thanks for stopping by and reading; let us know if you have any thoughts or tips below.


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  1. I like that you mention how there are cleaners specific for mouth guards that can kill germs and prevent them from growing in the first place. When choosing, it would probably be a good idea to research the various options online so you can check out how reliable it is and what types of mouth guards it works best for. Going online could also give you the chance to compare prices so you can find a cleaner that fits your budget that also provides quality results to help you care for your liner in order for you to use it safely without any health concerns and keep it in good condition.

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