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Best Speed Bags Reviewed

Speed bags are pretty self-explanatory for most people. They’re small punching bags that rebound quickly to help you build up your hand speed, rhythm, and eye contact for fighters.

Here we are going to take a closer look at these devices and show you some of the best speed bags on the market. That way you can make an informed decision if you choose to buy one in the future. As always, let’s get into it.

Editors Choice
Everlast Speed Bag
Pro Impact Speed Bag
TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag
Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag
Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speedbag Black – Heavy Duty Leather Hanging Swivel Punch Ball for Boxing MMA Muay Thai Fitness or Fighting Sport Training (Small - 6"x9")
TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags, Black, 5" x 8"
2,050 Reviews
566 Reviews
917 Reviews
Editors Choice
Everlast Speed Bag
Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag
2,050 Reviews
Pro Impact Speed Bag
Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speedbag Black – Heavy Duty Leather Hanging Swivel Punch Ball for Boxing MMA Muay Thai Fitness or Fighting Sport Training (Small - 6"x9")
566 Reviews
TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag
TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags, Black, 5" x 8"
917 Reviews

List of the Best Speed Bags

Everlast Speed Bag - Best Speed Bag For The Money

The Everlast Speed Bag is a great choice for both beginners and intermediates with some experience due to the combination of size, quality, and price point. The size is important to keep in mind with speed bags because you need to work up to the skill level to hit the smallest bags.

In this case, the Everlast Speed Bags come in sizes 9”x 6” as well as 10”x7”. The larger of the two bags is great for beginners because it has a large body to hit so you can start to work on your precision striking.

Another important part about the best speed bags is their materials. For the Everlast Speed Bag, the entire bag is made from top grade genuine leather. This real leather gives the bag a high degree of durability that you just can’t get with synthetic materials. Along with the great material that is used, the developers at Everlast made sure that they reinforced the seams on the bag, so it can withstand a real beating without coming apart.

The major selling point of any good speed bag is how well it can be used to speed work, which is based on the ability to get into a good punching rhythm. The Everlast Speed Bag is balanced so that when it rebounds, you will be able to get a good feel for the return path. This lets you get into a good punching rhythm to build up your speed and accuracy over time.

Now, every bag is going to start to deflate a little bit over time, but you can just refill the bag with air and go back to your exercises. You might be wondering about how much this bag is going to set you back in terms of price. While it is a high quality bag, it only has a moderate price point. So you are making a small investment for a bag that will last a while. In that line of thinking, this is a really good deal.  


  • The bag is made of top quality materials.
  • The price point will not set you back much.
  • Comes in multiple sizes so you can improve your technique with a smaller bag.


  • The bag does not come with the attachments to set it up right away; you need to buy the swivel.
Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag
2,050 Reviews
Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag
  • Top Grade Leather
  • Reinforced seams for long lasting durability

Pro Impact Speed Bag - Best Speed Bag For Intermediates

The Pro Impact Speed Bag is definitely one of the best speed bags on the market today, so let’s get right into the specs. 

The bag comes in two sizes: either 5”x7” or 6”x9”. The first of those is pretty small and it is designed for the advanced strikers out there who know how to hit a small moving target and how to build up a rhythm. The second bag, the 6”x9” is designed for intermediate users who are still building their skill base and are not ready for the speed and precision of the smaller bags.

Along with the size, you can count on the pear shape of the bag to let you get accurate punches and good rebounds that will not mess up your punching rhythm.

When it comes to the materials that are used, you can be confident in this bag because it is made from genuine leather, a top grade form of leather than ensures your bag will be durable throughout many, many punching sessions.

The seams in the bag are welted, which further increases the amount of toughness for bag. Basically, the welted seams are designed to increase the bag integrity while making sure it does not affect the direction of the bag if you strike a seam.

Inside, the bag’s bladder is made from heavy duty latex, so you really should not lose a lot of air even after beating on it for months. Still, all bags lose air eventually, but you can just fill it back up.

Overall, this is a really good bag that comes with a pretty fair price point considering its top quality.


  • High quality genuine leather bag that will last a long time.
  • Pear shape design for easy targeting
  • Made for intermediates and experienced fighters
  • Fair price point


  • Too small for beginners, but there are other bags out there for them.
Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speedbag Black – Heavy Duty Leather Hanging Swivel Punch Ball for Boxing MMA Muay Thai Fitness or Fighting Sport Training (Small - 6'x9')
566 Reviews
Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speedbag Black – Heavy Duty Leather Hanging Swivel Punch Ball for Boxing MMA Muay Thai Fitness or Fighting Sport Training (Small - 6"x9")
  • DURABLE LEATHER MATERIAL. To provide extreme durability and improved functionality, the Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speedbag is made using 100%...
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. A heavy-duty latex bladder prevents loss of air even after being repeatedly punched. Additionally, triple reinforced seams...

Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag

The Title Boxing Gyro Balance Speed Bag is another great contender among the best speed bags on the market today. The bag comes in a lot of different sizes that are great for people who are new to boxing as well as people who are very experienced. 

They come in the following sizes:

  • 4”X7”
  • 5”x8”
  • 6”x9”
  • 7”x10”

Based on these measurements, you can clearly see that the bags are designed for beginners learning to strike as well as experts who want to hit the 4”x7” speed bag. The choice given to the customer is always beneficial and makes this speed bag stand out immediately.

The Title brand name is a guarantee of quality in our view. They consistently put out great products for people who are looking to improve their boxing skills, so count on seeing this brand on the best speed bag list again.

The bag is made from top grade leather with reinforced stitching and lacing. The bladder is made of butyl rubber, a very strong material, to keep the bag from losing air after you have beaten on it for some time. The bag is also constructed and shaped so that it will have good rebounds after being hit so you can really get into a rhythm and get a good workout in.

In terms of the price point for this bag, you can expect to spend somewhere between $35 and $45, giving it a moderate to high price point, but you do get great quality with it. Like any other workout equipment, you want to pay for quality so you do not need to buy the same things again and again.


  • High quality materials used throughout the bag.
  • Comes in four different sizes for every level of user.
  • Provides great rebounds due to its shape and balance.


  • The lacing on the top of the bag is not a look that everyone appreciates.
  • The price point may be too high for beginners to invest in.
TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags, Black, 5' x 8'
917 Reviews
TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags, Black, 5" x 8"
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: XXS (4" x 7"), S (5" x 8"), M (6" x 9"), L (7" x 10")

Cleto Reyes Speed Bag - Most Durable Speed Bag

Cleto Reyes is a brand name that should be familiar to most fighters in multiple disciplines. Their products are definitely among the most easily recognizable for speed bag because every bag is crafted to be durable and provide a fast swing.

The Cleto Reyes Speed Bag is made from genuine leather and some powerful nylon lining for the stitching. These materials make the bag nice and durable for boxers who plan on using this bag until it gives out a long time from now.

The bag also comes in several sizes to give you a fair amount of options to choose from based on your overall skill level. Right now, you can obtain a bag that is extra small, small, medium, and large.

These different sizes let everyone from beginners to experts find a bag that is perfect for their training needs. These bags also come with some customization options with the colors that you can get for the bag. They are black, red, and then the colors of the Mexican flag (green white, red).

Overall, you can purchase this bag and expect high quality from the Cleto Reyes name, but you should be prepared for a price point that is much higher than others.

While we can’t say you aren’t paying a little bit more for the brand name, the fact is that high quality brands charge more because they are confident that the material will last and that you will still buy your next one from them.


  • The bags come in many sizes so people of all skill sets can use them.
  • Made from top quality materials like all other Cleto Reyes Products
  • Great bags for serious fighters


  • The bag comes with a higher price point that other similar bags. To be fair, the bags are worth it.
CLETO REYES Platform Speed Bags
694 Reviews
CLETO REYES Platform Speed Bags
  • Made with Leather
  • Tough nylon lining for more duration

Title Boxing Classic Speed Bag 

We said you would be seeing the Title brand again, and here we are with the Title Boxing Classic Speed Bag. This bag is great because it features a strong construction using leather and welted seams combined with the triple stitching and reinforced loop on the bag to prevent it from breaking down.

While most people are worried about their bags coming apart at the seams, the loop at the top is also a place where a lot of wear and tear happens.

With Title spending so much time reinforcing this area, you know that they put some real thought into the quality of their overall product and not just the bag. Moreover, inside of the bag is a rubber bladder that was designed to keep air from seeping out for as long as possible.

The speed bag comes in two sizes, 5”x8” or 6”x9”. The smaller of the two is designed for more advanced users while the bigger bag is made for people who are still beginners or intermediates. The bags do not come in as many sizes as other brands, but they cover enough people that you should feel confident using the bag.

Bottom line: the Title Boxing Classic Speed Bag is a tough and another brilliant addition by Title. It definitely will not break the bank, as it can be found for prices under $30 for its price point.


  • High level of construction with real leather that will last a long time
  • The loop is reinforced to prevent breakdown
  • Low price point for such a tough and well-known brand


  • The bag only comes in two sizes
  • Even the bigger bag will take some getting used to for new boxers
Title Classic Speed Bag, Red, 6' x 9'
133 Reviews
Title Classic Speed Bag, Red, 6" x 9"
  • Tough, super fast and lightweight leather build
  • All-leather welted seams, triple stitched and precision balanced

RDX Speed Bag (Includes Swivel) - Best Speed Bag Set

The RDX Speed Bag is one of the best speed bags because it's a very inclusive beginner set that's designed to help new people get into the basics of boxing and working out on a speed bag. That is why the bag is definitely on the larger size so you can strike it without having to have a completely accurate punch every time.

The bag is made from cow hide leather, a fact that the RDX brand presents proudly because it assures the customer that the bag will last a while. Interestingly enough, the inside of the bag is lined with four different levels of poly cotton materials, so you are able to use the bag without gloves and still be comfortable.

Another one of the great features about this particular speed bag is that it comes with its own stainless steel swivel. Usually, you have to buy the swivel and the platform to attach it to, but that is not the case here, and it will save you an additional $20-$50 instantly.

Overall, the RDX speed bag is a pretty good deal that you can obtain for $40-$50, a moderate but fair price point when you consider that you are getting some extra free stuff with it. Now, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of buying this speed bag.


  • The bag is a great value because it includes a swivel.
  • Very fair price point
  • Made from strong cow hide leather


  • Lacks additional size choices
RDX Speed Bag Boxing Ball with Hanging Swivel Set, Genuine Leather Dodge Striking Mount Kit Heavy Duty, MMA Muay Thai Punching Fitness Workout Kicking Martial Arts Training Home Gym Exercise Speedball
301 Reviews
RDX Speed Bag Boxing Ball with Hanging Swivel Set, Genuine Leather Dodge Striking Mount Kit Heavy Duty, MMA Muay Thai Punching Fitness Workout Kicking Martial Arts Training Home Gym Exercise Speedball
  • Patent Pending Speed Ball comes with RDX elite swivel made from a high grade of stainless steel and constructed with quality bearings
  • Cow hide leather material is lined inside with 4 layers of poly cotton material

Everlast Everhide Speed Bag - Best Speed Bag For Beginners

Everlast has appeared on the list of the best speed bags once again due to the fact that the company  has dedicated themselves to providing a range of speed bags designed for multiple experience levels and price points. 

The Everlast Everhide Speed Bag comes in a single size: 9”x6” which is a medium sized bag that is best used by people who are just beginning to learn about boxing and people who are intermediate fighters already. It is a great speed bag for building your rhythm.

The material that is used for this speed bag is different from the first one we mentioned in that it is a synthetic blend of carbon fibers.

This material was developed by Everlast and comes with the drawback that it is not as durable as leather. However, since this bag is developed with the beginner in mind and not the expert, the lower durability is counterbalanced by the fact that the speed bag is so much cheaper to purchase. It is always good to have a cheap option to buy for new people or even as a backup.

Even though the bag does not use the same genuine leather in its construction, the fact is that Everlast has gone to some lengths to give you a great product. You can still expect to find the same welted seams and the reinforced stitching across the bag as well as a strong air bladder to keep the product from leaking air.

Overall, this is a pretty solid beginner’s bag and is definitely one of the best speed bags for new people to use when they just start boxing. The price is very low, and you can find it between $20 and $35, making it a small purchase instead of a long term investment.


  • This is a cheap beginner’s bag
  • Affordable
  • Made with quality construction


  • Futuristic look might be off-putting
  • The Everhide material is not as strong as real leather
Everhide Speed Bag (EA)
2,689 Reviews
Everhide Speed Bag (EA)
  • Durahide punching bags for speed training

Max MMA Speed Bag

If you are looking for the best speed bag to start developing your skills, then the Max MMA Speed Bag is a strong contender. 

The bag measures a rather large 10”x7”, large enough to hit the target while still getting a good rebound to build skills. The bag is pear-shaped and balanced so that its rebounds will be consistent enough for you to build a good rhythm and coordination for your punches.

Since this product is made for beginners, the Max MMA brand did not go all out with creating it from the best materials out there. Instead, they used synthetic leather that is strong enough for a beginner’s bag that will not see nearly as much punishment as a bag for an expert.

Of course, this comes with the added benefit that the price point is lower. Speaking of prices, you should be able to find this on the lower end of the spectrum for between $25 and $30 in most cases. Again, it is not a big investment for a beginner and most people would be happy to pay that price.

There are some pretty nifty features with this bag such as the fact that it comes with a pump in case you do not have one already. This lets you get the bag pumped up and ready really fast. Overall, this is a good quality bag for the beginners out there.


  • Large bag that is easy to hit for beginners
  • Lower price for people who do not wish to make a big purchase for their first bag
  • Comes with a free air pump


  • Bland coloring to it with just a black color scheme
  • Not made from genuine leather, but still strong.

Venum Skintex Speed Bag - Best Speed Bag For MMA

If you know the Venum brand, you know that they only deal with high quality products. While you might think that they only make products for specific disciplines of martial arts, they have recently expanded into the realm of boxing.

So it should be no surprise to you that they have one of the best speed bags out there right now. The Venum Speed Bags come in two sizes: Medium and Large. The medium one is good for people who are intermediates and the large one that is great for beginners.

When it comes to their product’s materials that are used, they shied away from using traditional leather and opted for the skintex leather. This is probably the best synthetic leather you will ever be able to find, so it is durable and long-lasting. The lacing is very strong and the seams have been reinforced so it can take serious punishment.

The balance in the Venum Skintex Speed Bag has been optimized in the bag’s development and the bladder inside is made for long life. You should feel confident that the bag will last for a long time without the need to be refilled.

Like most Venum products, when you see the bag you will know that it is theirs. It features their familiar snake head logo and branding, so the bag is very stylish.

As a result, though, you will experience a higher than average price point when buying one of these speed bags. Overall, this is a high quality, fast-rebounding, and long-lasting product that requires a moderate investment.


  • Made from high quality synthetic skintex leather
  • Comes in two sizes for beginners and intermediate boxers
  • Developed by a world renowned brand


  • Rather expensive for a speed bag, even though the quality makes up for this
  • The speed bag isn't made from genuine leather, but is still fairly strong.
Venum Skintex Leather Speed Bag
143 Reviews
Venum Skintex Leather Speed Bag
  • Premium Skintex leather for extreme durability
  • Balanced design with long-lasting bladder for optimal rebounds

Balazs Lazer Speed Bag

Last but certainly not least on our list of the best speed bags, we have the Balazs Lazer Speed Bag. This is one of the best speed bags, so definitely pay attention to the features. This speed bag comes in several different sizes including:

  • 5” X 8”
  • 6” X 9”
  • 7 X 10”
  • 8 X 11”

Basically, you will be able to find a size to suit you no matter if you are an absolute beginner or an expert who needs to practice throwing punches and weaving with a small target. If you do purchase these bags, you can keep with one single brand as you gain more experience.

Alright, let’s talk about the materials. For this speed bag, the company uses high quality smooth grained leather that is able to sustain a serious beating and still come back for more. Most people who know speed bags worry about the loops, but there is no need to worry in this case. The loop has been reinforced with triple stitched Kevlar.

The benefits to this bag do not end there, though. This bag has an air chamber that is not like a normal bladder; it cannot pop. You might need to add air from time to time, but the bladder will be the same on the first and last days that you use it.

Also, the bag is completely lace free- there is no welting so your punching surface is essentially smooth. So, you basically have a bag that is able to withstand the strongest beating that you can throw at it.

Overall, this bag is absolutely brilliant, but it comes with a well-deserved high price point. The makers of this bag price this with the knowledge that you will only need to buy one when you are reaching greater levels of skill and not because the bag fell apart.


  • Tremendously high quality materials used
  • Kevlar reinforcement on the loop prevents wear and tear
  • Comes in sizes for all skill levels


  • Comes in one color so that can be kind of bland and boring for people that care about the looks.
  • Brand not as well known as some other models on our list
Balazs Lazer Speed Bag (6 x 9 Small Sonic)
95 Reviews
Balazs Lazer Speed Bag (6 x 9 Small Sonic)
  • Smooth grained leather
  • No laces - No welting

What Should I Look For In The Best Speed Bag?

Type Of Speed Bag


The first type of speed bag that is most commonly seen is the platform variety. Essentially, the platform speed bag set is made up of a platform that is mounted to the ceiling of your workout area. The loop of the bag is then hooked to the swivel and you can begin your workout.

This can be a trial to set up since you are working against gravity. Still, the fact that the bag will be hanging down will let you get the most effective workout when you are trying to build up your striking speed and rhythm. You get the best rebounds and greatest speed from this setup, which is why most people use it.


Freestanding speed bag setups are another way you can set up your bag for a workout. Basically, you have a weighted bottom with a pole sticking straight up to above your height. Then, there is an arm that hangs off in most cases from which you hang the swivel and bag.

This is an overhead punching model that is sort of like the platform except it takes a lot more room. At least you do not have to screw the platform into the ceiling. This is an okay model to get if you are renting, for example, and cannot modify the property but still want a workout. You might have noticed that we did not put any of these types on our list, and the reason is that they simply offer a less effective training session.

Door Mounted

Like the freestanding model, the door model speed bag setups are great for people who cannot attach a platform to a wall or ceiling in their house to set up their speed bag. The door mounted speed bag lets you use a door frame as a way to secure the bag to a swivel and platform so you can start your workout. They are not as good as a platform speed bag setup on their best day, but it is still a great way for you to get a workout if you have no other options available.


Throughout the article, we have discussed several different sizes that are available for the best speed bags. Basically, the bag size is matched to the level of expertise that a person would need to effectively use it. In this case, the following sizes and their correlations are what we considered in showing off the best bags:

  • Large: 13x10, 12x10, 11x8 inches
  • Medium: 10x7, 9x6 inches
  • Small: 8x5, 7x4, 6.5x4 inches

You have to be realistic about your abilities when you are buying a speed bag. If you know you are a beginner, don’t go right for the smallest bag.

You may think that you have the coordination and skill set to let yourself “catch up” when it comes time to begin training, but you probably do not. Skills are developed over time and through a great deal of repetition. In this case, you have to walk before you can run, so get the bigger bags until you know you are ready to advance.  

The best speed bag brands usually offer multiple sizes so you can be sure that you can stay with their brand throughout your entire development process.


You want your speed bag to be a worthy investment, right? So, it is absolutely crucial that you are paying attention to the type of material that is used in the speed bags. For top grade bags, you want them to use genuine leather.

While there are definitely some powerful synthetics out there, like Skintex, nothing beats the feel and look of genuine leather on a speed bag. Now, there will be an increased price with high quality leather being used in the speed bags, but face the facts: boxing equipment is an investment, one that you should be willing to make for the best experience skills development.

Other materials like synthetics have good durability and come with a cheaper price tag. This is definitely a benefit to people who are new to boxing and want to get a reasonably priced starter bag. There is definitely nothing wrong with that, but you should double check the reviews to see how others have fared with the boxing equipment before purchasing it on your own.

Quality And Durability


Stitching is a critical part of the overall construction of the speed bag. The bag is not one solid piece in most cases. To get the rounded and balanced shape it is made up of several pieces of leather or other material. So, the stitching needs to be able to take a beating directly where the material is at its weakest from a structural standpoint.

You want to see a speed bag that has double or even triple stitching to be considered among the best speed bags. This is doubly true with regards to the stitching near the top of the speed bag, at the loop. The loop is the contact point for the bag to the anchor system, so it can face a lot of stress at times. If you do not want it to fray, make sure you have high quality material followed by powerful stitching.


Basically, the welting on a speed bag is the slightly protruding edges that are where the bag was fitted together.

They keep the air from coming out of the bag, and take some serious punishment. The thing is if a bag has too much welting, then the bag could rebound in an odd way when you strike it. So good bags have minimal, but strong welting so that the bag is stable when hit but strong enough to prevent leaks.

How To Set Up A Speed Bag?

Alright, if you have bought everything and are finally ready to set up your speed bag, let’s take a brief look at how it’s done. You will need the following:

  • Speed Bag (Good idea to have one)
  • Swivel (The part that is connected to the loop)
  • Platform (We went over those above)
  • A wall or ceiling to attach your complete setup.

Now that you have everything you need to set it up, you need to attach your speed bag platform to the wall or ceiling. If you do not have one you can see the best speed bag platforms here.

Next, you attach the speed bag to the base of your platform, using the swivel piece. We have already examined some of the best swivel pieces here at the best speed bag swivels.

This part is very important: make sure that you adjust the height so that the bottom of your speed bag is in line with your chin’s height. This may take a few adjustments to get it right, but it is absolutely necessary for you to get an effective workout.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Speed Bag?

There are a tremendous variety of benefits of using a speed bag when you are training for boxing. First and foremost, when you are using a speed bag, you are developing your hand-eye coordination. Boxing and other martial arts are highly dependent upon you landing a punch precisely where you need it to go, so this coordination is important.

Also, it increases the speed and power of your punches. The speed comes from the increases in muscle memory. As your rhythm increases on strikes, your body gets used to the rebound speed so you can hit it again.

The improved technique from using a speed bag removes unwanted and unnecessary movements from your strikes. So every bit of power that you are throwing behind your punch is going into the bag- or another fighter’s body- instead of being wasted on extra movements.

Finally, there is the additional benefit of arm and shoulder endurance. There is no worse position to be in during a fight than unable to lift your tired and achy arms.

You work out on the speed bag to build that endurance so that your arms are conditioned to last the entire fight. Overall, there are a lot of reasons to use a speed bag, and each of them is important to fighting.

How To Use A Speed Bag

Check out this awesome video below for a complete beginners guide on how to use a speed bag. We've also got a full beginners guide to using a speed bag if you want to check that out as well.

Best Speed Bag Brands

We’ve examined several of the best speed bags throughout this review, but we haven’t talked too much about the best brands themselves. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best brands for speed bags.

types of punching bag

Title Boxing:  Title Boxing was founded in 1998 and quickly rose to prominence with their great boxing products. The company was able to bring ingenuity to old gear like gloves and bags, and they have not looked back since. In recent years, Title Boxing has developed their MMA parts of their company, investing in kickboxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, and general cage fighting. Now, the company is poised as one of the most recognizable names in fighting gear.

cleto reyes logo

Cleto Reyes:  Cleto Reyes boxing attire started with a young boxer named Cleto Reyes winning an amateur fight and deciding to invest himself into the world of boxing. He did not want to be a fighter: he wanted to be an outfitter. Since 1965, these gloves have been sold in Mexico and in the United States. They have been on the hands of champion boxers in the decades since, and now the brand has expanded to all manner of boxing gear. The company invests the same dedication into their gear as Cleto Reyes did into his first pair of gloves.

best punching bag for child

Everlast: The Everlast brand has been synonymous with blood, sweat, and tears in the boxing ring for decades. Despite the company’s unusual start as a swimwear seller, the company quickly transitioned into making sports gear. Jack Dempsey won the heavyweight championship wearing Everlast gloves in 1919, and the rest is history. Now, Everlast is present in 101 countries around the world where high quality gear is provided for boxers everywhere.

Speed Bag Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Buy A Speed Bag?

Anyone interested in developing their accuracy and timing should consider buying a speed bag. Although their usefulness is subject to debate, they do provide a decent work out and are a brilliant way to develop your striking skills from home. 

What Size Speed Bag Should I Buy?

The size of your speed bag will depend on your experience level. If this is your first time using a speed bag, look for a larger model around 10 X 12 inches. As you begin to get used to working out on a speed bag, you can start to decrease in size. Don't rush this process though, make sure you're 100% comfortable on your current speed bag before you get a smaller model. This way you won't get frustrated having spent money on a new bag and being unable to use it to its' full potential.

Will Working Out On A Speed Bag Allow Me To Punch Harder?

In short no. If you're wanting to develop your ability to strike with more force, a heavy bag is by far the better option. Although speed bag work outs will have a positive effect on your timing, which should help to further improve your knock out potential.

How High Should My Speed Bag Be?

When setting up your speed bag, make sure the bottom of the bag is level with your chin. This is easiest to do if you have an adjustable speed bag platform, as opposed to a fixed position one. 

Do I Need To Wear Gloves When Using A Speed Bag?

You don't really need to wear gloves when using a speed bag, especially full sized boxing gloves as they'll get in your way and make it harder to punch the bag in the correct place. Most people prefer to use hand wraps when working out on a speed bag, as they don't get in the way and protect your skin from sustaining any damage.

Speed Bag VS Double End Bag: What’s The Difference?

Both a speed bag and double end bags are a fantastic resource for any boxer/ fighter to have at home. 

Speed bags are used to develop rhythm, accuracy and shoulder endurance. Whereas double end bags allow you to work more on your timing, movement and accuracy. Both work on similar aspects and have their pros and cons, so it's really down to personal preference. 

Best Speed Bags Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a lot to consider with regards to the best speed bags on the market today. Remember, the best speed bags have to include a lot of things like multiple sizes, high quality materials, and long-lasting durability. A decent price point is also on the list, but smart boxers pay for quality goods.

All of the different speed bags that we have listed here are excellent choices given their great quality, and you should choose one that suits your needs the best.

Using a speed bag to develop speed, coordination, and an effective fighting motion is almost crucial to a fighter’s training, so it is important for you to be educated on the matter.

Overall, we have presented you with the best speed bags on the market given value, quality, and durability. Let us know what you think about our choices and feel free to drop us a line. As always, train long and stay strong.

James Davis

A fervent mixed martial artist and avid MMA fan, James combines his experience and scientific knowledge to provide you with a unique perspective on the most popular MMA products on the market. He joins the ranks of other MMA enthusiasts in creating this website to guide and educate the next generation of mixed martial artists.

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