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Best Boxing Equipment for Home Use

If you’re an avid boxer or just starting off, it's always a good idea to get your hands on some equipment to help you up your game from the comfort of your own home. Finding the best boxing equipment for home use keeps you training even after you leave the gym.

This will give you the chance and motivation to train whenever you like, a few times a day to give yourself an intense workout and sharpen your skills.

In this article, we will outline some of the best boxing equipment for home use - we know it’s not easy to decide on what piece of equipment to choose. From beginner to heavy-hitter, we will examine a variety of options for every level of boxer out there.

Here, you will find a list of equipment and accessories that will give you a quality workout at home. We will discuss a few different types of bags, jump ropes and, of course, gloves.

We will be analysing the things that matter most; price, quality, benefits and any potential drawbacks. So, take the time to find out which is the best option for you.

Let’s go.

Our Top Picks

MaxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag

Ringside Cobra Reflex Bag

FITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag

Century Wavemaster XXL

Everlast 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand

Outslayer 100lb Heavy Bag

Title Pro Style Training Gloves

Twins Special Signature Leather Boxing Gloves

Weighted Cross Rope

Epitomie Fitness Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope

Different Type of Equipment

Heavy Bag

Finding the best equipment for home boxing training isn’t exactly easy. However, a heavy bag may be the right choice if you wish to improve several aspects of your physical state, including your power, balance, technique and overall fitness.

There are two main types of heavy bags; free standing and hanging. Keep in mind that for a hanging bag you will need either a stand or a place strong enough to support it.

A hanging bag generally provides a more effective training experience, but we understand not everyone is able to have these in their homes. Therefore, the standing bag may be the right choice for you.

Getting used to heavy hitting will obviously elevate your strike power, but also your core strength and endurance.

best heavy bag review

Owning a heavy bag may seem like a big step, but the durability and chance to hone your kicking, punching and movement skills make the investment and effort worth it.

Speed Bag

Having access to a speed bag in the comfort of your own home would be an incredible way to build on your fitness in a simple manner. Relatively easy to set up, you’ll need a speed bag, a swivel, a platform and something to attach these to (wall or ceiling).

Speed bags are often viewed as an essential tool to improve a few fundamental aspects of boxing - keeping your hands up and increasing your speed.

Speed bags can be your go to piece of equipment if you fancy a workout you can revisit multiple times a day and that will undoubtedly improve your technique, endurance and coordination.

different types of punching bag

Similarly, becoming accustomed to having something fly towards your face at speed will stand you in good stead when you require sharp reflexes and excellent head movement.

Keeping your hands up for extended periods is also excellent practice.

Reflex Bag

Reflex bags are a free-standing piece of equipment. There is a base with a pole attached, at the top of which a bag is fastened; the bag swings back towards you as you hit it. As the name suggests, reflex bags significantly test your reactions, speed and head movement.

Reflex bags are a convenient and easy-to-use piece of equipment. They are considerate to your neighbours, which can be decisive depending on your living situation.

It’s important to ensure you find the right reflex bag to improve your skills, not just make you sweat. Nevertheless, you are likely to achieve an all-round and tiresome workout.

This could easily be considered the best boxing equipment for home use as it will test your movement, timing and technique whilst requiring you to optimise your punches.

Jump / Skipping Rope

A classic piece of equipment that features in probably every boxing movie you’ve ever seen. Although you may not be practicing your boxing directly, the skipping rope should not be underestimated.

Not many others on this list will test your footwork, speed and mental strength as much as a jump rope. Utilising a skipping rope effectively will radically improve your fitness and breathing efficiency as well.

In terms of value for money, a jump rope definitely deserves its place on the list of best equipment for home boxing and it must be viewed as an essential tool to improve your overall boxing game.

best boxing equipment for home use - weighted rope


Gloves, like skipping ropes, are a staple in any boxers’ arsenal. A lot of the equipment discussed in this article requires gloves and generally it's important that you do own a decent pair yourself.

If you are a beginner, you may feel inclined to buy a cheap pair of gloves to ease you in. While it may not be necessary to buy the best on the market, spending a bit more to get a better quality pair will benefit you significantly in the long run.

Reducing the risk of injury and having a pair that will stand the test of time are two key benefits that show why it's worth spending that little bit extra. Also, the better quality material and cushioning should help you to improve your skill set more effectively.

Best Boxing Equipment for Home Use

MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag

The first piece of equipment we'll be discussing is the MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag. This excellent bit of kit comes with two different size bags, as well as four adjustable speed settings to help create the best fit for you.

The springs are located in the midpoint of the pole. This creates a much quicker and snappier swing back action, resulting in a more intense workout that will enhance your reaction speed and head movement. This design also makes the reflex bag more naturally stable and less likely to topple over mid-workout.

In addition, a Core Weight Bag is included to stabilise the base, but can be used as a separate workout tool in itself. The base fills with 30lbs of water or 55lbs of sand to weigh the bag down.

The stability this reflex bag offers means you can worry less about it toppling over. Also, its useful adjustable tension settings mean you can tailor your workouts to improve your speed and timing.

With the ability to adjust from a height of 52” (132cm) to 65” (165cm) it definitely is ideal for everyone. On top of this, a pair of Hand Wrap Gel Gloves come as part of the package - another fantastic feature.

Both bags are made from a durable material, polyurethane, which is capable of withstanding quite a beating. The pole itself is constructed from steel. The bags are high-grade PU bags with inner bladder design. Also, an Anti-Loose Fixation Screw prevents the bag from coming loose.

All these elements result in a durable, stable bag that is easy to set up and is adaptable to your workout demands.

One issue that could arise is that you may wish to add additional weight to the base to know for sure you won't knock it down. Yet, the included weight bag should do the trick.

Overall, this is a convenient piece of equipment to develop your skills at home and work up a sweat. Although it's priced in the medium to high price bracket, you get what you pay for.

Ringside Cobra Reflex Bag

best boxing equipment for home

Understandably, you may find it difficult to get your hands on the Ringside Cobra Reflex Bag. Ringside as a brand is extremely reputable in the boxing world, and there is no doubt this bag belongs on the list of best boxing equipment for home use.

It has earned this reputation due to its many useful features, including the incredibly durable solid steel structure and steel alloy spring.

With the spring being positioned halfway up the pole, you can expect it to rebound toward you at speed. Clearly it was designed this way to test your reactions, timing and speed, and not many others on the market will test you quite like this.

The stand is adjustable from 5’ to 7’ high, perfect for tailoring it to your specific desires.

Filling the base tank with 140lbs of sand or water allows you to strike it as much as you wish with little worries about knocking the thing over.

All told, this is a high quality reflex bag that is designed to give you a killer workout. Yet, do not be surprised if you struggle to find one in stock - be prepared to shop around.

 Don't let this discourage you though, it's in demand for a reason.

FITVEN Free Standing Bag

The FITVEN free standing bag is very highly-rated for all the right reasons. It's extremely capable of taking a good beating without toppling over - arguably the biggest worry about standing bags.

Due to the spring-loaded design, the bag swings back as you hit it; one of the reasons why it doesn’t go crashing to the floor. Also, you can fill the base with up to 205lbs of water or sand, helping it remain standing. However, this weight can make it difficult to move around once full.

Standing at 70” and with a bag diameter of 10.2”, it's a very versatile, durable piece of equipment that will give you real workout. The bag is designed using dense shock-absorbing foam, lined with excellent quality synthetic leather - it really is built to last.

If you wish to expand your workout to MMA strikes, knees and kicks, an additional foam base pad is included for extra protection.

A couple of minor drawbacks may arise, yet they are not enough to detract from the benefits of this bag. Firstly, over the time the spring may begin to squeak, but a little spray of WD40 should do the trick.

On the whole, this easily could be your best equipment for home boxing gym to give you a real workout on a bag that can take a beating without hitting the floor. This is especially useful for those who want a tall bag and possess some serious power.

Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

Another standing heavy bag that ranks highly is the Century Wavemaster XXL. At 5ft 9”, it's slightly smaller than the Ringside, but it's still a great option for those hard hitters wanting to develop their striking and target the full range of the body.

The bag itself has an 18inch diameter made from a durable vinyl cover and high-density foam, making it tough enough to withstand a beating, but also forgiving. The bag is available in three colours; black, red and blue.

Due to the base’s round design, the back can easily be rolled around even when it has been filled. The base weighs 270lbs when filled with either sand or water. However, as it's not spring loaded it could possibly move or be knocked over when hit too hard.

It compares well to the Ringside Elite free standing bag, being very similar in many ways. It may be that your final decision comes down to more specific requirements, like the ability to move the Wavemaster easily or knowing that the Ringside is extremely unlikely to topple over no matter the strikes.

Both are great choices when looking for a heavy-duty bag designed to take a beating, it just depends on your personal preferences.

All in all, the Wavemaster XXL is a terrific bag that allows you to train a variety of striking techniques and give you a great workout at home. It's built to last and would be a smart investment in building the gym comprised of the best boxing equipment for home use.

Everlast 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand

A real contender for the best boxing equipment for home use is the Everlast 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand, capable of housing both a hanging heavy bag and a speed bag.

No other product on this list combines two pieces of equipment in one, giving it a clear USP. Speed bags are a great addition to any boxing workout, but it can be hard to find a place to set it up.

Having a two-in-one station in your home would be extremely beneficial as you can mix up your workouts to test many aspects of your boxing; head movement, timing, power and technique.

You can adjust the height of the speed bag platform by moving it up and down, suited to your preference. Some of the highest rated speed bags available cost $200+, so it is good value for money that this high quality platform is built into the station.

Add a speed bag and heavy bag and you're good to go. They have affordable options for both bags that are constructed with synthetic leather, which is not as reliable as genuine leather yet is much cheaper and still good enough to last a decent period of time.

The dimensions are as follows: 66.5” L x 47.6” W x 86.2” H. The framing is made from heavy-duty steel tubing, creating a strong structure capable of holding the two bags.

You will save both space and money on this dual station, something many people will find very attractive. One stand housing both bags is incredibly space-efficient, and not having to spend money on two stands and two bags separately definitely saves money in the long run.

Be sure to look out for the different bundles available for this dual station. Some come with a lot of gear, including the two bags and gloves, whereas it's possible to buy just the stand if you prefer, as shown here.

You should note that the station does not come with weight plates. The station has three weight plate pegs, yet the plates themselves are sold separately. To combat this, three rubber squares are included to place under the ‘feet’ of the stand.

This is a little frustrating as, without them, the station can move and slide slightly. This should not put you off though, you will just need to factor in the cost of the weight plates too. To ensure it remains steady, its a good idea to have at least 75 lbs. of weight on either side of the stand.

The swivel for the speed bag may not be the best available, but you can easily upgrade this yourself.

Overall, this is a great piece of kit and perfect for home boxing as it saves money and space, and allows you to do killer, diverse workouts, adding to your collection of the best boxing equipment for home use.

Outslayer 100lb Heavy Bag

best punching bag for beginners

This Outslayer bag is a perfect example of a good quality, highly durable heavy bag. At a height of 6 feet, it's an incredibly versatile bag that will swing nicely as you strike it - bear this in mind as you will need space to accommodate the swing.

Weighing 100lbs, it can definitely take a beating and it's built to last. The outer layer is made from heavy duty vinyl that will withstand the hardest of workouts. Inside this shell is fabric which is packed in densley; this combats sinking, and you will avoid hitting hard or hollow spots.

Adding to this, there are four sturdy straps that are designed to take the strain of the 100lb weight and any power you throw at it.

This heavy bag is very highly rated in the boxing community and there is no doubt in our minds it's one of the best equipment for home boxing around. It has been specifically designed to create a great boxing experience and eliminate any risk of injury.

Due to its reputation, you won't be surprised that it's not the cheapest on the market. There is a reason for this though; the features we listed above highlight its durability.

Additionally, Outslayer includes a 10-year warranty on this bag, showing their belief that this bag will last you a long, long time.

Title Pro Style Training Gloves

best boxing equipment for home use

You will find incredible value in these TITLE Pro Style training gloves. Priced very reasonably, they are both a beginner’s and experienced boxer’s dream.

These gloves are made with a durable synthetic leather outer layer, and have a multi-layered, pressure absorbing foam padding to give you a comfortable, powerful strike.

The full wrap around strap with the hook-and-loop fastening creates a strong, tight fit to protect your wrists and give you maximum power.

These gloves absorb shock very well and distribute the force from your punch evenly through your hand and wrist. This gives you maximum protection and allows you to improve your skills without worrying about hurting yourself.

Another handy feature of these TITLE gloves is the satin nylon lining which helps to dissipate moisture, allowing the gloves to remain fresh and avoid that horrible odour that can build up over time in a poorly designed pair of gloves.

TITLE gloves come in a variety of colours and sizes, starting at 8oz all the way to 16oz (increasing in increments of 2oz). The optimal size will depend on your experience and preference, but you can’t go wrong with 14oz-16oz gloves when you're boxing at home.

More experienced boxers may wish to spend a bit more for genuine leather skin, but these really are great value for money, especially for those of you just getting into boxing.

They may well be the best on the market in their price bracket.

Twins Special Signature Leather Boxing Gloves

It's common knowledge among the boxing community that genuine leather gloves will give you optimal results. With that in mind, these Twins Special gloves rate very highly amongst boxers, from beginners to avid enthusiasts.

That’s because Twins, traditionally specialising in Muay Thai gear, began to use their resources and experience to design some incredible boxing gloves using genuine leather.

Twins’ excellent craftsmanship, high quality materials and commitment to design durable gloves led them to creating these top quality gloves.

Although this is reflected in a relatively high price, they are still great value for money. They come in black color with flames print.

18oz gloves may be useful for those heavy hitters, or if you are using a heavy bag and just want that extra bit of padded protection. Otherwise, 12oz-16oz are also good options for your home boxing workouts.

Suitable padding and wrist support exists no matter which size you go for, so do not worry too much about hurting yourself, provided you choose a size best suited to your size and power.

In sum, these are a great option for boxers of all abilities as they are built to last a long period of time as you pummel those bags or pads.

Crossrope Weighted Jump Rope

best boxing equipment for home use

This Crossrope Weighted Get Lean jump rope is one of the best in the game, being highly rated by users due its clever and incredibly reliable design. A weighted jump rope will definitely give you a serious workout and improve your all round boxing game.

This skipping rope will give you an excellent cardio workout, develop your strength, improve your coordination and test your agility; all essential skills that will give you great results. You will exercise your shoulders, arms and back, increasing your endurance nicely for boxing.

Not only this, this piece of kit also comes with an app which allows you to access hundreds of effective workouts tailored to your preference. The app should help you to stay motivated and continue to use the jump rope as you challenge yourself to improve.

It comes with two ropes, a lighter 1/4lb rope and a heavier 1/2lb one. Crossrope’s patented fast clip design allows you to interchange between them very easily, alleviating any concerns of an irritating process.

The sizing system is dependent on your height so make sure you choose the right option for you.

Overall, despite the fact it has a higher price than what you might expect from a jump rope, it truly is unique and you are unlikely to find a jump rope that will give you a workout that will compare.

Although you may not necessarily need a weighted rope, it certainly takes your home exercising to the next level and once you use it, you won’t look back.

Epitomie Fitness Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope

Another great option is the Epitomie Fitness Speed Jump rope, which has been specifically designed to help you build up momentum and jump rope as fast and efficiently as possible.

The double metal ball bearings are designed to maximize speed and enhance your performance, and the long handles ensure you have a comfortable and stable grip. This allows for quick wrist turns when wanting to attempt double and triple jumps.

The cable itself is 10ft long and can be adjusted to suit your height by using wire cutters - ensure you measure it out correctly beforehand as, obviously, you cannot undo the cut.

The wire is lightweight, durable and has been constructed to avoid tangles or kinks, making this a really good option for you to improve your fitness, timing and agility.

Also, Epitomie Fitness supplies you with a handy carry bag to make your life easier.

The Epitomie Fitness Speed jump rope is an excellent piece of equipment for those looking for a reliable jump rope that is capable of going at high speed and not breaking in the process. Developing your endurance, technique and timing by using this rope is a no brainer if you wish to enhance your boxing ability.

Final Thoughts

In summary, we have shown you a large variety of equipment that we consider some of the best boxing equipment for home use on the market today. They are all great options for improving your boxing ability and overall fitness in their own way.

There is no right or wrong choice here, as each product may suit each person differently.

Whether you’re looking for a hard-hitting, sweaty workout or you wish to test your head movement, reflexes and speed, there are plenty of options out there for boxers of every level.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Please leave us any questions, comments or queries you have down below. We hope this article has been insightful in your quest to sharpen your boxing skills without leaving your house.

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