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About the Founder of MMA Ground

Hey, I'm James, founder of MMA Ground. 

I attended my first Judo class when I was 5 years old, well, by attended I mean watched through a crack in the door refusing to go in and, in fact cried when I was made to go on the mat. 

Gradually week by week I made my way onto the mat, where I quickly fell in love with the sport. Unfortunately, I'm reminded of this story on an almost daily basis, however I'm happy that I persevered, as I was able to find something that I was incredibly passionate about at a young age.

As I grew up I began to compete at a national level and was National Schools Champion at the age of 12. I then began to compete and train internationally, taking part in training camps and competitions in Sweden, Italy, Holland and Denmark.

I then earned a place on the Great Britain Judo team, however not long after that moved to Singapore, therefore forfeited my pace on the team. Here I was introduced to some new martial arts, mainly Muay Thai, where I trained at Evolve MMA (Rafael Dos Anjos also fights under this gym). I then progressed to train in BJJ and MMA and have been obsessed ever since.

I created MMA Ground to help those new to martial arts find a discipline, find the right gear and hopefully inspire our readers to take up a new martial art.

If you would like to get in touch, you can head over to our Contact Page, or email me directly at james(at)mmaground.net.

About MMA Ground

Our Goal: To bring you the most up to date and accurate information surrounding martial arts, whether that be the latest news, in-depth guides or product reviews. 

How We Do It: We partake in a vigorous vetting process before any article goes live on MMA Ground, making sure that each post is as thoroughly researched and factually accurate as possible. For any more information, head over to our how we review page.

What's Next: To keep on doing what we're doing - helping our readers in any way that we can. If there's a specific question you've got, or a specific piece of equipment you would like reviewing, get in touch and we'll do the best we can to help.  

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